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About Philippe Ruff

Since his early childhood, Philippe has been fascinated by stories. He started making stories up at a very young age and loved writing at school. His passion led him to the University of Fribourg, where he studied "media & communications" and "journalism". He successfully graduated with a Master's degree in 2008.

After university, Philippe worked for several newspapers. But to him, there has always been a lack of something in the written word. He felt that an emotional message must not only be read, but also has to be seen and heard. That's why he served an internship at a filmproduction company. As soon as he put his hands on a camera for the first time, he instantly knew that he had found his medium.

Short after his training, he started working at a TV-station. Philippe quickly became a project manager and a producer for several successfull lifestyle formats. During his time in the broadcasting world, he learned that a story has to convince emotionally, because a well-told story is the best way to transport a message that will remain in our heads.

In 2014, Philippe decided to found his own company: Ruff Productions. Since then, he has been working passionately every day. His goal is to find the right stories for his clients and tell them in a visually attractive, informative, and emotional way.

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